Vulkan with wxWidgets

Alexander Overvoorde wrote a good tutorial for programming Vulkan; this is available at In the tutorial, he used GLFW as the windowing system. This is fine if your application uses one main window with no adornments such as menus and status bars, and no additional windows.

I have modified the Hello Triangle example to use wxWidgets. This corresponds to the code up to the end of the Drawing a triangle section of the tutorial. The source code of my wxWidgets version is available on GitHub.

Here is a description of the changes:

  1. HelloTriangleApplication code is split among VulkanTutorialApp, VulkanWindow, and VulkanCanvas. The vast majority of the code is placed in VulkanCanvas. Specifically, the code in HelloTriangleApplication::run is split into two parts:
    • The line:

      is handled automatically by VulkanTutorialApp, and to some extent by VulkanWindow.

    • The functionality in initWindow and initVulkan are performed in the VulkanCanvas constructor.
  2. The HelloTriangleApplication::drawFrame code is placed in VulkanCanvas::OnPaint.
  3. The HelloTriangleApplication::onWindowResized code is placed in VulkanCanvas::OnResize. wxWindow::RefreshRect must be called to ensure that the canvas is redrawn every time the window is resized. Calling wxWindow::Refresh or wxWindow::Updateonly causes a redraw to occur when the window grows in size, not when shrinking is size.
  4. Two changes were made regarding exceptions:
    • In the tutorial code, runtime_error exceptions are thrown whenever Vulkan errors are encountered. These are replaced with a new exception type called VulkanException which provides information about the actual Vulkan error that was encountered.
    • The tutorial code simply outputs text messages to std::cout. Because the wxVulkanTutorial code is Windows-based, there is no console to output the messages to, so they are output to a wxMessageBox. This was discussed previously in the post C++ Exceptions and wxWidgets.
  5. The tutorial code contains a templated class called VDeleter. This class automatically handles the destruction of various Vulkan handles. I have not included this class in wxVulkanTutorial. Instead, I destroy the handles in the VulkanCanvas destructor.

Have fun with it.


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