ChaosExplorer Wrapup

This is the final post in the ChaosExplorer series of posts. ChaosExplorer was created to explore a number of chaotic systems and to create the displays for these systems in fragment shaders using OpenGL and GLSL. Four different fractal formulae were used to generate fractals and their corresponding Julia Sets. From those standpoints, I would call ChaosExplorer a success. The program is not commercial grade; there are many changes that should be made to ChaosExplorer.

  1. There are many more fractal equations that could be used. In fact, Fractal Formulas Researched lists more than 1000 different fractal formulae. There are some duplicates in the list, but still more formulae that you are likely to investigate.When choosing a formula from that list, remember that z0 = 0, so make sure that z1 is not always also 0 or you will simply get a black display. Also, make sure that for formulae containing both a numerator and a denominator, that the denominator does not also calculate out to 0 or you will simply get a solid orange display.
  2. Additional fractals without Julia Sets include:

    Each of these can be generated using GLSL.

  3. ChaosExplorer currently displays different colours based solely on the number of iterations, so there is a step difference between each colour. The colour instead could be chosen based on the value of z after a constant number of iterations. This would potentially produce a much smoother transition between colours.
  4. ChaosExplorer could be refactored to place additional functionality in the panel base classes. It may be possible to entirely eliminate the individual derived panels in all cases except the MultibrotPanel.
  5. There are a few places in the code where magic numbers are used. These may be refactored to use defined constants.

Those are just a few ways that ChaosExplorer could be improved. Since my reasons for creating this program have been met, I will leave those modifications to you.


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